Margaret Mawhinney

Margaret Mawhinney joins Molfetta Law after a successful stint working at Oracle. Margaret was a business development consultant working specifically with front office, customer facing, cloud-based applications. During her time at oracle she was the #1 representative in the entire Santa Monica office. Upon leaving Oracle, Margaret became a partner with Innovare/Fancon INC. where she works directly with the development of a dual platform fan appreciation and talent evaluation web based to allow teams’ fans constant interaction with their favorite teams and each other.

In addition to her extensive work in software—Margaret is currently the Director of Client Services for Invictus Sports Management. She is one of the 3 founding partners in the agency, which represents male and female soccer players in the United States, Europe and South America; as well as professional baseball players within the United States. Invictus is also involved in the sale of professional soccer teams throughout Europe. Invictus is also involved in the transition of the team from the former owner to the new owner or ownership group.

Margaret’s strong love for sports led to a successful career as a Division I lacrosse player at the University of Southern California, where she received a degree in Business Administration from the Marshall School of Business. Margaret will be attending law school in the fall and assist Michael Molfetta on all civil and criminal cases.

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