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Molfetta Law is a highly respected, aggressive criminal defense law firm known for its work on high-profile cases across the country. Based in California, the firm predominately represents individuals and corporations of serious crimes in state and federal courts located in Orange County and Los Angeles. Some of the many types of crimes Molfetta Law handles are loan fraud, SEC allegations, investor fraud, insurance issues, civil subpoenas from any number of government agencies, and special circumstances homicide cases involving the death penalty. 

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Molfetta Law

Michael Molfetta

Head Attorney

     Michael A. Molfetta is a veteran Criminal Defense Attorney who has practiced for over 30 years. He has represented defendants in more than 300 jury trials ranging from death penalty, homicide, complex white-collar crimes, DUI, drug crimes, mortgage and investment fraud, domestic violence, gang crimes, vehicular manslaughter, sex crimes, and environmental crimes. Attorney Molfetta approaches every case with the same intensity regardless of whether the case is a misdemeanor or a felony.

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