Petition Your Conviction

Were You Convicted for Murder, Manslaughter, or Attempted Murder?

Did you accept a plea agreement and plead guilty to any of these crimes? Did the prosecutor accuse you of aiding and abetting the actual perpetrator? Did the prosecutor proceed under a “natural and probable consequences” theory or pursuant to the felony-murder law at the time?

If any of these pertain to your current charge or past conviction you may be eligible to have your sentence vacated or be re-sentenced under Senate Bills 1437 and 775. The rules of conviction have changed, award-winning trial Attorney Michael Molfetta explains how amendments in SB 1437 and SB 775 created Penal Code 1170.95 which may reduce your sentencing.

Attorney, Michael Molfetta

Michael Molfetta is a veteran Criminal Defense Attorney who has practiced for over 30 years and has fought the judicial system throughout his career.

How Can Molfetta Law Help

Molfetta Law will provide a thorough and detailed review of your record of conviction to competently evaluate your claim. Molfetta Law will file a Penal Code section 1170.95 petition for re-sentencing and to vacate your conviction with the court. We will handle all phases of the proceedings including briefing and evidentiary hearings. Hiring a competent experienced criminal lawyer will ensure you have the best chance of success. Contact us for a free consultation to see if you may qualify under these new criminal justice reform laws.

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